An inconvenient truth: Pregnancy, peeing, and jumping jacks

I have a girlcrush on Cassandra Forsythe. There, I said it. It’s not because she’s cute (though she is); it’s because she’s an awesome combination of super-smart, super-nice, funny, and absolutely willing to bring the truth to the booth, no matter how awkward, inconvenient, or… well, symbolic of our human frailty.

Postpartum Exercise Incontinence

“Before I had my baby, the women in my boot camp classes would say to me: “Just WAIT until you have that baby – you won’t make us do jumping jacks as much anymore…”

At that time I’d look at them strangly and laugh, not really knowing what the heck they were talking about…

Now, fast-forward to motherhood in my world. Because I worked out so much during my pregnancy I never thought in a million years that I’d ever be one of “those” women who had a problem peeing their pants when jumping or running.

I was wrong.

Dead wrong.”