A bit of honesty from Dan John

Everyone who reads my site regularly knows that I love Dan John. This post epitomizes many of the reasons why.

He is a strong man in every sense of the word — most significantly, he is strong enough to publicly acknowledge ‘weakness’ and explore it within himself, in order to gain awareness and insight. He also offers thoughts on why focusing on “failure” is a problem.

“The ideas have been tossing around in my head since then: how much emotional impact is there in physical training? Did I, as I assumed (I think wrongly now) “shrink” in front of my cadre?… This insight leaped me into a great realization about why training to failure is such…a failure. You literally make failure a normative movement. The body responds by saving itself the time and effort by reducing the time and effort it takes to fail.”

Full post: A Bit of Honesty