Health Magazine Forces Readers to “Eat Shit, Not Crap,” Enraged Chemist Grants Stinky Sulfur Award

Man I love this guy Shane Ellison over at The People’s Chemist. He is all about throwing the bullshit flag. The latest target for the venting of his spleen: suck-hole nutritionists who capitulate to the lowest common denominator instead of standing up for what is actually true.

Men’s Health editor David Zinczenko was hawking his latest health abomination, Eat This Not That! For Kids! And when asked by the twit show host, “What’s the best dessert for my kids,” Zinczenko replied, “Have them eat THIS Dairy Queen banana split with only 73 grams of sugar, NOT THAT Baskin Robbins Classic banana split with 125 grams of sugar.”

Do you think Zinczenko wants me to whack his head with THIS aluminum bat or THAT wooden one? Junk food swapping is just as dangerous, albeit much slower in its destruction. But essentially, that’s what he is asking parents to choose between when it comes to feeding kids dessert.

Eat This, Not That is a clever disguise for, Eat Shit, Not Crap.

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