Rant 72 January 2015: Love the one you’re with

Picture a parent. A good parent. Not a “perfect” parent, like the weird glassy-eyed people who live in Martha Stewart zombie universes. A real parent. More of a Louis CK kind of parent than a Michele Obama kind of parent. But a good parent nevertheless. Now imagine you ask this good parent about what it’s […]

The Physical Culture Peril

A century-old essay by P.G. Wodehouse, eerily appropriate today in the age of Instagramming “carb refeed breakfasts”, tweeting WOD scores, MapMyRunning shares, and the like. Physical culture is in the air just now. Where, a few years ago, the average man sprang from bed to bath and from bath to breakfast-table, he now postpones his […]

Rant 71 October 2014: Make it Crunky

Last night I ate chicken sashimi. Yes, that’s raw chicken breast. Which is normally an insane thing to do. Unless you’re in Tokyo with a Japanese host, in a restaurant with no English where chefs are diligently fanning real charcoal with bamboo fans. Where their chicken livers were probably still squawking 6 hours ago. After you’ve […]

4th Trimester Bodies — a new vision of post-pregnancy

4th Trimester Bodies Project began in 2013 as a passion project of Chicago-based photographer Ashlee Wells Jackson as a way to help women feel both comfortable and proud of their post-pregnancy bodies.   As quoted in Buzzfeed, Jackson says: “I see beautiful, inspiring, real women on a daily basis who struggle with their body image because […]

“Fishful” thinking on omega-3s?

A recent article in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology questions the hypothesis that indigenous Northern populations are indeed free from some “diseases of civilization”, particularly CVD. This hypothesis and research was popularly used in ketogenic/Paleo diet circles to justify a high-fat diet. Yet the data that was used to generate this hypothesis (i.e. the hook that this particular […]