Rant 71 October 2014: Make it Crunky

Last night I ate chicken sashimi. Yes, that’s raw chicken breast. Which is normally an insane thing to do. Unless you’re in Tokyo with a Japanese host, in a restaurant with no English where chefs are diligently fanning real charcoal with bamboo fans. Where their chicken livers were probably still squawking 6¬†hours ago. After you’ve […]

Rant 70 May 2014: Make Love, Not War

“My skull is dissolving,” I say. My voice quivers. The woman with me has to lean in closer to hear it. “Dissolving?” “Yes. Dissolving. My face is caving in. Crumbling. Like sand.” I pause. “Oh my god, my whole face is caving in!” I am panicking now. My heart pounds. This is raw¬†feeling. Pure instinct. […]