STRONG! An interview with weightlifter Cheryl Haworth

Cheryl Haworth is a legend in women’s Olympic weightlifting. A new documentary — appropriately called Strong! — profiles her career. Here, Cheryl sits down and raps with Stumptuous about her experiences.

Interview with Gillian Mounsey

Building true strength and self-compassion broadens our horizons, instead of constricting them. This was strength athlete Gillian Mounsey’s journey, which she courageously shared on her blog, and the Starting Strength site. By turns painful, honest, and brave, it’s a must-read for any female athlete who wonders whether she is alone in the madness of performance-pushing and body angst.

Party Like It’s 1899: Physical Culture Interview with Craig Staufenberg

In his book How to Live: A Manual of Sensible Physical Culture, Craig Staufenberg explores the history and development of “physical culture” — a loosely organized movement of deep immersion in the pursuit of health, strength, and top physical performance. Here, Staufenberg shares his thoughts on physical culture and why it’s still important today.

Cassandra Forsythe on exercise and pregnancy

The lovely and talented Cassandra Forsythe has been running a series of articles on fitness during pregnancy. A PhD in Exercise Science and Nutrition who taught boot camps with a belly… now that is advice worth listening to!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

The Paleo Solution podcast

It’s understandable to yearn for the good old days when food was anything you smacked in the head or nibbled from a tree branch. Understandable… and luckily, says researcher Robb Wolf, a pretty smart idea.

Change Your Body, Change the World: The “Exuberant Animal” Podcast

“Exuberant animal” is one of the best phrases I have ever heard to sum up a holistic approach to movement and wellness. And in Frank Forencich’s new book Change Your Body, Change The World, the exuberant animal is us.

New Rules of Lifting for Women and podcast with Cassandra Forsythe

If there’s a woman in your life who’s considering weight training (or a man in your life who trains women), The New Rules of Lifting for Women is an excellent introduction to the field of women and weight training.

NROL is written by a kickass trifecta of three major names in the business, including women’s nutrition and fitness expert Cassandra Forsythe. I review her book and chat with her for nearly an hour about women’s strength training, working out while pregnant, the dirty little secret of disordered eating in the fitness biz, and lots of other good stuff.