You look ridiculous and everyone’s staring at you: Cheap tricks for crip fitness

One of the best ways to shake self-consciousness is to confront it head-on by doing something that looks bizarre and letting the normals stare. Here are a few of my favorite ridiculous exercises for crips, gimps, and other weirdos.

A Couple Good Reasons (and One Bad One) to Drag Your Crippled Ass to the Gym

It can be hard to remember because your illness or disability sometimes feels like your body’s defining characteristic, but remember that your body is, in the ways that matter, the same a everybody else’s. It wants to move, to act with purpose and focus and silliness and joy. Your body does not care that it can’t do the same things other bodies can, or that it moves differently, or that other people might think it looks weird – it just wants to do what it can do, whatever that may be. What’s different about you is not nearly so important as what’s the same. Your body, just like everybody else’s body, wants to be used. Use it.